It is time to end hijab discrimination in the hotel industry

The change of the Putrajaya Shangri La to its new name (and new owner) PULSE GRANDE Hotel is not the most shocking news of all.

Head to their website, in their Media Centre tab, they uploaded their first press release that can shake the hospitality industry.
They are not discriminating employees with hijab.
According to Group Chief Executive, Putrajaya Leisures and Services Sdn Bhd (PULSE Group), Dato’ Badlishah Haji Ahmad, “We are against any kinds of religion, race and dress discriminations among employees.”

PULSE GRANDE Hotel is breaking the status quo and their bold decision deserves a standing ovation.

It is time for other hotels to join this revolution. Here is why:-

Why forbid employees to wear hijab in the first place?

As long as the employee with hijab can speak fluent English, has what it takes to be a front office executive, and a person who can communicate gracefully, the employee deserves to be employed.

It is time for hotels to hire employees with merit. Not with what they wear to work.

Time’s Up.

Wearing hijab is the symbol of cleanliness

The hospitality industry involves one major thing, food.

Hiring women with hijab as a front office executive, a waitress, or a chef is an added advantage. Their heads are covered. There is no possibility of strands of hair fall on the guest’s food while serving.

It is such a hassle for women employees to wear a hair net every time they enter to the kitchen. With hijab, they can just enter to the kitchen without worrying about hair fall on the food.

To express our Malaysia’s diversity

The world out there knows Malaysia as a diverse country living in harmony among people with different races and religions.

People look up to us because of this harmony, and yet, some hotels are forbidding their employees to wear hijab.

This is a refute towards the harmony and diversity message we are selling to the world about our country. It feels that we are living in hypocrisy.

If your hotel is famous. If your hotel has been renowned as the best brand in the hotel industry, hiring women with hijab at the front line of the hotel business will not affect anything.

Matter of fact, it could bring a positive influence to your hotel chains, just like how PULSE GRANDE Hotel did it.

Looking forward for more bold changes in the hospitality industry.


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