Why do you need a name card if you already have a LinkedIn?

Alright, you need a name card. It is essential. You know, when you meet your clients. Your clients need to know your contact details. So, you give them your name card, and they give you their name cards.

However, not all professionals have name cards. Professionals who do not meet clients, some companies, they do not see the reason for these professionals need to have a name card.

Name cards are very essential for almost everyone who works professionally. It is not just for work. It is also for networking. You attend conferences, networking sessions, talks, seminars, or any corporate events. Events that filled with the exchange of name cards as part of its tradition.

What do you do when you do not have a name card, but you want to keep in touch with them? You take out your phone and you ask them "Do you have a LinkedIn? Let me add you so we can keep in touch."

"Oh, I want to follow your Instagram too. What is the name?" you asked.

There will be an awkward moment because people will get puzzled by your questions, but they will give it to you anyway. You just need to put a lot of thick layers on your skin to do that.

I did that, every single time when I attended networking sessions.

We need to revise again the usage of name cards. Name cards are crucial if you really need to work, collaborate, or partner with the professional. But, during networking sessions, you do not necessary would work with the people you meet. You just want to broaden your networking 'archipelago'. I believe adding them on LinkedIn would be nice enough.


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