Slido - the introvert way to conduct Q&A sessions for events

Q&A sessions in events or conferences could take a huge amount of time. But, with Slido, it is time to cut down all those questioning during Q&A and focus on answering all those questions.

Here how it works. I saw Slido for the first time during Let's Talk about P2P Financing that was organized on 19 January 2017. When I entered The Grand Ballroom of The Gardens Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, I did not see any stand up mics for the audience to use during the Q&A session.

Instead of mics, they provided a screen, where the audience can just send their questions on Slido. When they sent it, their questions appeared on the screen.

The audience needed to go to the Slido website, typed, and entered the designated hashtag, #p2p.

After that, it led to the page where the audience can send questions or answer polls provided by the event organizer, FundedByMe Malaysia.

As the event provided good internet access from the hotel, the audience can type their desired questions. The panelists from the forum could see the questions and answered them straight away.

This was absolutely a time saver, as the conference did not spend time receiving questions vocally from the audience. We all know some people could not deliver their questions in a simple manner. They can take a long time, explaining the base of their questions before they get into the question.

With Slido, this thing would not happen. Some audience did write a long question, but at least, time was not used to listen to this long question.

'Slido is an innovation in the event management.' 

Matter of fact, Slido is a great tool for some people who are shy to stand up to ask their questions verbally. Slido is the introvert way to conduct a Q&A session. This is not bad. Some people are not comfortable to expose themselves in an event. I believe we should respect that.

And what is wrong for a Q&A tool that can save a huge amount of time during a Q&A session? Slido is an innovation in the event management.

How to use Slido as an event organizer? Let's try it!

First, sign up:-

And then, fill up your event's details:-

The event code is very important. This is the hashtag where the audience will use to search your event in Slido.

There are other features in Slido besides Questions. There are Polls and Slides too. For now, let's focus on Questions:-

After you set up all of these, you are ready to start your event.

You can also view how the participants view the questions dashboard.

View on mobile:-

View on tablet:-

View on desktop:-

View on the screen of your event:-

There are many other features you could find in Slido. You just need to explore it more. If you feel lost, you can watch their 1-minute tutorial.

In a nutshell, after I left the event, I really cannot stop thinking about the existence of Slido. It is indeed an ingenious creation for event organizers. A tool to accommodate introvert audience and to save the event's time.


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