It was Elon Musk's first rocket that delivered the Malaysia's satellite to the orbit

Before Musk is the man behind the electrical cars, he founded SpaceX. SpaceX produced Falcon 1, that delivered RazakSat to the orbit.

I first get to know Elon Musk when I took Financial PR in the university. My teammate picked Tesla to be the star in our mock press conference for an initial public offering. Fast forward a few years later, I was searching a good biography to read. I bought Ashlee Vance's book, Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX, and The Quest for a Fantastic Future for a light reading.

I was intrigued when Vance mentioned Malaysia a couple of times in his book. Thinking about it makes me feel proud because Malaysia involved in the early success of Musk's third baby. (Musk founded Zip2 and, which is now known as PayPal before he founded SpaceX.)

Falcon 1 is an orbital launch vehicle. It is the first one that is privately-developed.

The early stages of Falcon 1's development was not filled with raining diamonds. In March 2006, the first launch failed and the rocket exploded. One year later, the second launch was a failure as well.

It got worse during the third attempt. The launch destroyed four satellites aboard, including Nasa's. Two months before the launch, in June 2008, Musk divorced his wife, Justine.

After the third launch failed, SpaceX and Tesla faced a dilemma. Both of them were running out of cash. However, when the fourth launch of Falcon 1 succeeded, raining diamond is indeed a reality. Nasa granted SpaceX a contract of 12 flights for 1.6 billion dollars.

'Falcon 1 is the first privately-developed orbital launch vehicle and RazakSat is the first satellite in the world to orbit near the Equator.' 

And because of the fourth launch is a success, it became a stepping stone for Falcon 1 to deliver RazakSat to the orbit, in July 2009.

Musk said, "This marks another successful launch by the SpaceX team."

Falcon 1 was retired after the fifth launch for Space X to develop Falcon 9.

As Falcon 1 is the first privately-developed orbital launch vehicle, RazakSat is the first satellite in the world to orbit near the Equator.


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