Know the difference between a PNG and a JPEG - before you get judged

When you see a photo, what do you see? With a normal person's eyes, it is a photo. With a graphic designer's eyes, it is a PNG or a JPEG.

This article is a simple public service announcement, to educate people about the difference between a PNG image, and a JPEG image. You need to know this before someone judges you of not knowing it. Trust me, I was judged. The feeling is just like, a tree trunk that stabbed Ed Warren in Lorraine Warren's premonition. If you watch The Conjuring 2, you will understand.

Before this, I only know one difference between a PNG and a JPEG. PNG is an image without a background, while JPEG is an image with a background.

(Above): A PNG image, with no background.

(Above): A JPEG image, with a background.

However, there are more secrets within these acronyms. Let me spill the beans.


  • PNG photos are the best for you to put in videos.
  • Are you creating a logo? Save it in a PNG form.
  • You want to use any images for any websites. Better save it in a PNG form as well.


  • You know, you capture your photos by using that heavy DSLR or your fancy iPhone 20. It is automatically saved into a JPEG. There you go.
  • JPEG is for image stills.
  • Saving a screenshot? Save it in a JPEG. Do not ask why. I do not even know. I am not a graphic design nerd.

Keep this in your head until your grave day, to avoid the cost of being humiliated by genius people who expertly know about this PNG and JPEG brouhaha.


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