Flipping real newspapers by using Twitter

I woke up on a Sunday morning when I was 10 years old, I brushed my teeth, but I was not ready to splash water on my body. I walked downstairs with my shorts and my t-shirt on. My hair was messily curly and not combed. I saw RM 2 on the dining table. I grabbed it, opened my house's gate, walked out from home to go to the nearest shop to buy a piece of Mingguan Malaysia.

When I walked back home, my father was at outside of the house, hanging our laundry to let it dry. We walked back inside. We sat at the sofa. My father took the front page, while I took Pancaindera, the weekly pull out of Mingguan Malaysia, featuring hot news of Malaysia's celebrities and funny comics. After that, I passed it to my mother for her to flip it.

This was ages before Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, Twitter has not existed, Steve Jobs has not made iPhone as a pinnacle product, and Nokia was the best phone ever for us to own. We flip newspapers every morning. At least my family did that. The joy of scanning and reading the news, with layout texts, jaw-dropping journalistic photos, and fantastic human icons shot in a photoshoot. Newspapers was our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram back in 2002.

Fast forward 15 years later, my father is in his sixties and you might think he still buys newspapers. Nope. He does not.

"I can get news from Facebook," he said. "I like their pages on Facebook: Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Sinar Harian, Harian Metro, Kosmo, and I can get everything."

My father is a fast learner. I would not say he is an early adopter. But he is definitely not a laggard. He even knows how to use Google. And I did not teach him to do that.

As for me lately, I was not catching up with the current news. I feel guilty about it. As a journalism graduate, I need to keep myself updated.

Last weekend, I spoiled myself, bought a new Oppo A57 to replace my Lenovo A889 that I have used for four years. With a new phone, I was enthusiastic to cleanup my social media accounts. For Twitter, I deleted daft tweets, unfollow unnecessary people, and follow news publications.

I definitely followed Utusan Malaysia, the newspaper that I read when I grow up. What I like about @UMonline is, every morning, they post major pages from their newspapers - front page, biz news, worlds news, and sports news.

I feel touched. It reminded me of old days. How awesome it was to read news from a real newspaper layout, not in a smartphone where sometimes you can find buggy ads in the article posts.

I would be happy now to scroll Twitter every morning reading the latest news from Utusan Malaysia.

PS: The texts in the photos by @UMonline are really small. Surprisingly, I can read it.


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