[Stranger Things] Demodog in the fridge could turn back to life

Remember when Will Byers said that 'they' like it cold?

Remember when Dart, the cute small Demodog (according to Dustin Henderson), did not like it when it was under the flare of light?

The Demodog loves to be cold.

When I saw the scene when Henderson and Steve Harrington kept the Demodog in the fridge at Byers' house, I was like, oh no!

Demodog, fridge, cold, Demodog loves cold - you connect the dots.

I was scared, thinking that the creature could come back to life because cold can make them stronger.

In the final episode of Season 2, after Eleven closed the gate, everything was back in the happy mode, and the Snow Ball kicked in.

Until now, we never know what happened to that Demodog. I am just hoping it is dead for good.