Facebook Stories is low in quality

2 October 2017 is Indonesia's National Batik Day. Thus, I picked the best photos of my Mom, Dad, and myself wearing our batik attire, to post it on Instagram Stories. I edited the photos using Adobe Photoshop. I put fonts. I saved it in PNG. The photos are very high in quality.

I uploaded the photos on Instagram Stories:-

After that, I uploaded the same photos on, Facebook Stories, Whatsapp Status, and Snapchat.

(Above): Facebook Stories

(Above): Whatsapp Status

(Above): Snapchat

After that, I was looking back at my stories in Facebook Stories, and I saw the photo quality is low!

(Left): Instagram Stories. (Right): Facebook Stories.

Did you see the quality difference? No?

Check this one:-

Now you see it, right?

I was aghast. How could Facebook did this to us? I was expecting my stories would be high by definition, but Facebook compressed my photos. This is unfair, as I put a huge effort to edit my photos by using Adobe Photoshop to make the photos better.

Now you know, which social media provides the best quality product. When I heard that Facebook wants to provide stories just like how Instagram did it, I did feel uneasy about it. A picture worth a thousand words. And I have four pictures, multiple by four, plus another 10 pictures. You do the math.


  1. yea i can see the different. before this i just use instagram stories. never use fb stories. n now i know.

  2. Seriously? In that case, better stories remain on IG only. We don't want a low quality image/video uploaded for public view. So far, I never use fb stories. I should try once to differentiate the output

  3. jarang guna fb stories sebab takminat haha


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